We have a few types of sawing available which include ring, concrete chain, wire and road/floor sawing.


Ring and Concrete Chain saws are generally used for small cutting jobs which do not exceed 700mm in depth.


They can include:

  • Cutting up floors
  • Forming doorways/windows
  • Trenches
  • Access holes

Both are powered by hydraulic units which can run on petrol or 32amp 3 phase. They also both require water for cooling/lubrication.

Wire sawing is a method that involves wrapping an endless peice of diamond wire around or through the object being cut, then tensioning it while is spins and cuts.


Perfect for very large/thick openings.


Its powered the same way as the ring saw but also requires a 110v supply for a compressor. It needs a water supply.

Road/Floor sawing is a cutting method which involves putting blades onto machines which can be pushed or self propelled along the ground to cut straight lines.


These machines vary in size but have a maximum cut depth of 660mm.


Application include:

  • Trenches
  • Expansion joints
  • Concrete floor

These machines are normally diesel powered but some electric ones are available. They also require water for cooling and dust control.